World’s next outsourcing hub: Kenya?

The Kenyan government is pumping millions of dollars into improving the nation’s outdated telecom industry.

<ed.note>I reiterate my harrangue for the Kenya Call Center Industry — driving in to a call center to access the wiki and VOIP is missing the point. Rural telehealth and disease management will never reach its full potential if you can’t develop a management structure which can trust remote workers — or develop enough tech monitoring tools savvy to fake it. Just because the US keeps talking "green" but refuses to adopt ROWE doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to repeat the mistake.</ed.note>

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  1. I’m not certain what the point is that is trying to be made in this short blurb on outsourcing.
    I can however tell you that after having recently returned from the WHO Global Health Data Standards Workshop. That there is a huge push from within many eastern and southern African countries to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps.
    I plan to be a (small) player in that by transferring what I know but more importantly where I know information exists.
    From the people I met. They are great. They are simply looking for a little direction, not a hand-out.
    Tim Cook

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