World Integrated Circuit Card Summit, May 28, 2007

Great Hall of the People, Beijing

  • 30 world leaders from the global smart cards organizations meeting in Beijing
  • 100 VIP speakers: chairman & executive directors from both the international and national smart cards organizations and well-known card vendors; the senior officials from the smart cards users authorities in China and overseas buyers
  • 100 governmental officers and association officers: from Telecom, Banks, Public Security, Urban Transit, Social Welfare & Security, Healthcare, Tourism, Petrol-chemicals, Customs, Eduction and Securities
  • 500 delegates: CEO/CIO/CTO of the card vendors from home and abroad; representatives from bankcard issuers, telecom operators, professors, researchers and journalists
  • 3rd Price Winners Award Ceremony for China TOP 10 Smart Card Vendors: an industrial review of the smart cards achievements in China and presenting the national card vendors as a whole to the outside world
  • 4 Emerging Applications Forums: NFC Asia Pacific Summit; 5th Asia RFID Conference; 4th E-passport Forum, China and 3rd Payment Terminals and EMV Forum, China
  • Organizers:
    China National Registration Center of IC Cards of the State Golden Cards Project Office
    China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
    China RFID Forum 

    Produced by:
    AIT Events Co,. Ltd. 
    Endorsed by:   
    People’s Bank of China
    Smart Card Forum of China 

    Official Supporters:   
    Ministry of Information Industry – Science & Technology Department
    Ministry of Construction – Information Center
    Ministry of Social Welfares & Security – Information Center
    Ministry of Public Security – No. 3 Department
    State Administration of Tourist – Information Center
    China Urban Public Transport Association 

    Overseas’ Co-organizers:   
    Global Platform (GP)
    European Smart Card Association (Euro Smart )
    International Card Manufacturers’ Association (ICMA)
    Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA)
    Asia IC Card Forum(AICF)
    Smart Card Alliance (USA)
    Advanced Card Technology Society (ACT)
    Korean E-payment Industry Association (KEPIA)
    Korean RFID/USN Association
    Japan Next Generation of IC Card Society (NICCS)
    Smart Card Society of Southern Africa
    Smart Card Forum of India
    Information Development Agent of Singapore (IDA)
    Mongolian United Smart Card Association.