Workshop on Open Innovation in Services

Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 December 2008
Moller Centre, Cambridge

You are invited to join us at a Workshop on Open Innovation in

This event is being organised by the Programme on Regional
Innovation, Cambridge-MIT Institute Partnership Programme (CMIPP) and is
designed for an invited audience from business, academia and the policy
community. Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe (DIME) is sponsoring
the event. The purpose of this Workshop is to explore the challenges and
benefits of developing open innovation systems in the service and public

Services are increasingly recognised as being a dynamic part of advanced
economies. Yet, there are persistent gaps in understanding what drives the
sector and, in particular, how to measure and understand its innovative
performance. This workshop intends to help fill such gaps and provide
evidenced-based research on what innovation in services means; how it can be
measured; and what factors determine innovation in the sector. It will
contribute to a better understanding of innovation priorities and the role of
place in the innovation process.

Furthermore, there has been recent focus
to establish innovation cooperation with other firms, universities and other
institutions. Since the traditional close linear model of innovation, based on
R&D investments and the commercialisation of innovative output, the interest
has shifted to an open innovation strategy, based on knowledge exchanges,
cooperation agreements and innovative output jointly carried out by firms and
private and public partners. The propensity to establish innovation cooperation
depends on the type and location of potential partners, as well as the modes of

Much of the recent focus on open innovation has concentrated
on high technology manufacturing. This workshop will add new insights by
exploring how open innovation processes can be integrated into the service

To address these issues in a systematic manner requires scholars from
multiple disciplines covering management, economics, engineering, mathematics,
computer science, political science, as well as the natural sciences. The aim of
the workshop is to bring young scholars from different disciplines and
specialists together to improve knowledge exchange, and provide a platform for
future shared research projects in the area of service innovation generally and
explore further the concept of open innovation. Each session would be followed
by an open forum to facilitate the discussion of relevant research issues and
policy implications.

The workshop sessions are as follows:
(1) Open Innovation in Creative
(2) Innovation in the Third Sector
(3) Open and Closed
(4) Innovation in the Public Sector
(5) University-Business
Knowledge Exchange
(6) Capabilities and Information and Communication
(7) The Dark Side of Innovation

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