Wireless Healthcare News on EDventures’ Adventures In Healthcare

<ed.note>The Apple iPhone, RIM’s Curve, Nokia’s N Series, Samsung’s offerings, etc. not to mention Axiotron’s ModBook and Motion Computing et al’s tablets are poised to take advantage of electronic personal healthcare records. And medical banking is building out the real time payment possibilities. Ask your provider if they can provide point of service pricing if you offer to pay from your healthcare savings account. If s/he says “No” ask her/him why. There is a LinkedIn.com group which focuses on open healthcare – http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/3102/63B2164D6495 and another on wireless – https://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/2312/1D90E714F553/</ed.note>

28th June 2007 wirelesshealthcare.co.uk

Is the ehealth sector about to get the Dot Com treatment? Certainly EDventures, Esther Dyson’s investment vehicle, has been putting a lot of effort, and a substantial amount of money, into online healthcare companies recently. EDventures has been active in the high technology sector for twenty years and is currently involved with Voxiva and 23andme. Until February this year it was also part owner of Medstory, which is now part of Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group. A closer look at some of these companies may provide an insight into the direction the ehealth market is moving.

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