Will Ross announces OpenHII(tm) 2006

Please join us for the first national open source forum for the US health information infrastructure community, to be held in Louisville, Kentucky this November, 2006. 

The  OpenHII idea has recently emerged through conversations among HII leaders across the country. It recognizes the growing interest in and support for open source solutions that can propel the industry forward to connecting health care information to the clinician and the patient.

The OpenHII 2006 forum will provide industry leaders and interested parties the opportunity to discuss the current state of the market and develop a plan for the future. 

The preliminary vision of the OpenHII Community is to guide development of interoperable open-source technology solutions for health information infrastructure (HII) technology customers – including RHIOs, bio-surveillance, public-health and other health information networks.

OpenHII 2006 is being "self-organized" by interested parties, with support from the Center for Complexity and Health at the University of Louisville.  To gauge the level of interest in OpenHII 2006 and to determine the proper venue, we need to know about your interest.

Please register today, and share this information with others you think would be interested.  The more people who participate, the more effective this forum can be at helping us harness the power of open-source technology to build an interoperable health information infrastructure.

– The emerging OpenHII volunteer team.