RE: Why There Aren’t 20 Nashville Startups You Need To Know About

Brad, Scott: I don’t deny any of what you’ve pointed out and my suggestions are no panacea but my thoughts run like this: We (TN) have Gigabit Ethernet in Chattanooga, Clusters and Supercomputers at Oak Ridge / UT Knoxville (plus Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development, or GLORIAD), Nashville educational interconnects to Internet2, National LambdaRail, dark fiber, etc. but our management structures refuse to connect all these resources up and use distributed development, both city-wide, state-wide and nationally and globally. We have medical research and device expertise in Memphis (and I’m sure there are other hotspots of which I am ignorant). Our education system keeps saying we need “an excellent teacher in every classroom” rather than giving every student access to an excellent teacher (via distance education and free educational resources and repositories). The Microsoft and Google Campus models keep perpetuating the “technology cluster mindset” as the global broadband network continues to build out and speed up–and Nashville and Tennessee companies continue to geo-lock positions which actually require best practices project management. 10 Tools for Distributed Developer Teams makes me wonder how many members of the Nashville Technology Council make serious use of the liberation of the great global grid. (The authors of the article probably were unaware of Banyan for researchers). It reminds me of the olden days folks who walked to the telegraph office to send a message even though they had new-fangled telephones in their parlors (which they didn’t fully trust).

Update: visit – DANTE plans, procures, builds and operates large scale, advanced high speed networks for global research and education, including the award-winning 500Gbps pan-European GÉANT network. DANTE remains fundamental to the success of global research collaboration – working in cooperation with the European Commission and in partnership with Europe’s NRENs and international networking partners. DANTE manages research and education networking projects serving Europe, the Mediterranean, Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia regions, coordinates Europe-China collaboration, and assists the projects underway in Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific.

Update: XSEDE Student Engagement Program