Why Isn’t Your Church Networked?

Author: Jay Deragon

leaders could jump into the “social space” by either building their own
custom network or buying a off the shelf platform. Either way they can
control their logo, message, and community.

hosting, and technical support are readily available and at low cost. A
church social network could be supported by ads or by local sponsors
wishing to be associated with the church members. The cost varies
depending on the depth of design and technology. However
you’d be surprised just how little it cost compared to the benefits,
including cost savings, revenue opportunities and most important
building better relations with and between your membership.

properly designed network can include integrations of related content
which mirrors the churches doctrine and outreach to its members. Numerous high profile ministries are just now beginning to adopt some of the social technology within their own web presence.
Focus on the Family, from Dr. James Dobson, has adopted several “social technologies” within their web presence including blogs, events, podcast, discussion forums and video broadcasting. The site does enable membership to connect with each other but on a limited functional design.

Where is the church in all of this social stuff? Stuck somewhere in 1998. More here.