webMethods Advances Fabric Vision with Acquisition of Cerebra

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As organizations move down the paths of SOA and BPM there is a growing realization that there is a price to pay for increased levels of flexibility and reuse. That price is complexity. Simply keeping track of all the assets that are relevant and available for the construction of a new business process is a challenge. Understanding what these assets do and how they interact remains largely unaddressed.

Metadata has long since been identified as a critical building block for any solution, but metadata alone does little to address the issue of complexity and in many cases accentuates it. The key lies with semantic technology and its ability to allow flexible and dynamic integration of metadata. Cerebra is a pioneer and recognized market leader in the use of standards-based, semantic technology for metadata management. Cerebra’s solution automates the integration and organization of IT metadata from any source.

Once embedded in the next release of webMethods Fabric, the Cerebra solution will allow greater visibility into the availability and dependencies of IT assets, consistent and compliant asset reuse across the organization and improved levels of collaboration across all stakeholders through the synchronization of a common business vocabulary.

The acquisition of Cerebra marks a fundamental shift in the levels of visibility and interaction our customers will have with their SOA and BPM assets, delivering greater insight into the opportunities for continuous business process improvement.