VMcasting Call For Review

VMcasting is an automatic virtual machine deployment mechanism based on RSS2.0 whereby virtual machine images are transferred from a server to a client securely delivering files containing a Technical Specification (http://www.vmcasting.org/vmcastingspec/) and virtual disk image.

The concept of VMcasting is based on the similar concept of Podcasting, the popular trend of audio content delivered via an RSS feed presenting a downloadable or streaming file (often an MP3). With VMcasting, a developer publishes an RSS 2.0 feed where each item describes a release of a particular Virtual Machine Image or Virtual Appliance. The items descriptions may contain release notes or other information about what’s new in a particular release. Therefore developers can be easily upgrade or install using a virtual server management system such as Enomalism.

VMcasting is currently looking for Founding members for this new and exciting approach to virtual application deployment and updating. Reuven Cohen asks: "Are you interested in configuring your application to support VMcasting?"