Venture Nashville: Bart Gordon announces Sci-Tech priorities

I replied at the DNJ link saying (after seeing the Venture Nashville blog post):

One thing we need to consider is making a Results-Only Work Environment ( ; ; ) the DEFAULT work condition in both schools and businesses. One should have to make a business case for being required to "drive into work". With so much employment moving toward knowledge work, the costs of not promoting telecommuting (Net-Working) have not been studied by area CEOs and they would be astounded how much money they are wasting on real estate, etc.; costs which were necessary in 1980 — but not today. That is not to say that their competitors are also wasting these resources unnecessarily — think about why cloud computing and virtualization have been in the IT press lately. ROWEs are not a panacea — but definitely an option that very rarely shows up on the C-Suite table.

What think ye?