Update on Entrepreneur Resource Center over at Venture Nashville

<ed.note>Milt Capps compiled this list of folks who would be vERC boosters at a former post which is linked in his current story here. While they're waiting, they could form a Linkedin group and build some momentum. Bobby, send me an invite when you get it set up. And let me know what the Twitter feed will be. Oh, and maybe a little less emphasis on bringing companies here vs. allowing employees here to work globally via clouds, grids, software as service, etc. — along with education for the management strata to learn to trust a distributed workforce.</ed.note>

Carter Andrews, Notalone
Murat Arik, MTSU Business & Economic Research Center
Bo Bartholomew, PharmMD
Sam Bartholomew, Adams & Reese
Michael Blackburn, Petra Capital Partners
Germain Böer, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management
Jim Bradford, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management
Amy Bunton, Tennessee Valley Authority
James Burton, Middle Tennessee State University
Chuck Byrge, Harpeth Capital
Laura Campbell, Laura Campbell Associates
Ray Capp, Conduit Corporation
Michael Carter, Athena Company
Joseph Cashia, National Renal Alliance
John Chadwick, Claritas Capital
Sid Chambless, Nashville Capital Network
Beth Chase, C3 Consulting
Tom Cigarran, Healthways
Bret Comolli, Asurion
David Condra, Dalcon Communication Systems
Jeff Cornwall, Belmont University
Jeff Costantine, Nashville Technology Council
Eric Cromwell, Tennessee Technology Development Corporation
Mayor Karl Dean, Metro Nashville
Michael Devlin, Pharos Capital Group
Jerome Edwards, Veran Medical Technologies
Kevin Esval, VelocityHealth Securities
Cordia Harrington, Nashville Bun Co.
James Fenton, Cheatham County ECD
Farsheed Ferdowsi, Victor Hope Capital
Bob Fisher, Belmont University
Marc Fortune, Century II
Margot Fosnes, Springfield-Robertson County Chamber of Commerce
Brian Fox, Capital Confirmation
Joe Freedman, American Legal Search
Darrell Freeman, Zycron
Bobby Frist, HealthStream (Co-Chair)
Herb Fritch, HealthSpring
Katie Gambill, Council Ventures
Vic Gatto, Solidus
Keith Gregg, JRG Ventures
John Grzybowski, The Little Clinic
Clint Gwin, Southeast Community Capital
Alston Hamilton, Miller & Martin
Paul Haynes, Nashville Careeer Advancement Center
Joey Jacobs, Psychiatric Solutions
Harry Jacobson, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Melvin Johnson, Tennessee State University
Jimmy Johnston, Forward Sumner Economic Council
A.J. Kazimi, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals
Drew Kim, Southern Strategy Group
Matt King, Clayton Associates
Matt Kisber, State of Tennessee ECD
David Klements, Qualifacts Systems
Michael Krause, Dolphini Networks
Jim Lackey, PASSPORT Health Communications
Michelle Lane, Metro Government
Bruce Lynskey, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management
Christine McDonnell, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Stuart McWhorter, Clayton Associates
Blewett Melton, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Janet Miller, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Mark Montgomery, echomusic
Paul Ney, Metro Nashville ECD
Allen Overby, Bass Berry & Sims
Terry Pefanis, Big Idea Productions
Greg Post, Cricket Communications
Marty Rash, nTelagent
Ralph Schulz, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Mike Shmerling, Choice Food Group (Co-Chair)
Chris Sloan, Boult Cummings Conners & Berry
Clint Smith, Emma
Jim Sohr, AIM Healthcare Services
Jim Stefansic, Pathfinder Therapeutics
Lou Svendson, Tennessee Board of Regents
Van Tucker, Avenue Bank
Paul Vanhoesen, cTechnology
Earl Winter, nTelagent
Tom Wylly, Brentwood Capital Advisors
Caroline Young, Nashville Health Care Council