Un-Cover-ed Tennessee [ Repost: was Faces of Tenncare – Portrait Project ]

<ed.note>Apparently, things semantically delicious are all the rage within fedgovworld — stories about intellipedia and even various campaign sites using RSS. I bet Donna, who recently left a comment on this 2006 post I’ve just gotten around to publishing, wished there were a push for tools for transparency in tennessee politicssemantic sunshine, if you will. Hint: Donna, you can start here and here and here. A thematically similar post to the following can also be found here.</ed.note>

Aired January 3, 2006, WPLN’s Kim Green reports on "a young Nashville photojournalist has spent half a year quietly documenting the people affected by TennCare cuts. Now she’s collaborating with a local filmmaker to harness the emotional impact of these photos and distribute them nationally."

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