UCP Executive Director Post to Change.Gov

The inauguration of a new president takes place tomorrow. Like
many Americans, I am proud that our country is an example to the world
of what peaceful and orderly change in government means in a democratic
society. The Obama Administration has developed a website called Change.Gov, where they are asking for input from indivdual citizens on how to change government. Following is the post I entered today:

I work for United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee. In our state,
people with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities other than
mental retardation do not receive dedicated DD services. In fact, our
State Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
doesn’t even serve people with Developmental Disabilities. In my job, I
interact daily with young families who need intensive home and
community based supports that are not available to them. To make
matters worse, because our state has no intention of serving this
population, their critical needs are not even registered on a waiting

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