UBL International Symposium November 16 2006

The first UBL International Symposium is being held in Allerod, Denmark on Thursday November 16 2006. This is a free event and a great opportunity to hear and meet members of the UBL user community from all over the world (but not quite the Universe). For full details see the symposium web site.

Complementing this event is a series of lecture courses designed to assist those who want a more in depth knowledge of how UBL can apply to their business requirements.

On Monday November 13 and Friday November 17, Ken Holman will be presenting on "Practical Universal Business Language Deployment", looking at UBL from a technical perspective of the roles that UBL artefacts play in information systems and how to work with each artefact using hands-on experience.

On Tuesday November 14 and Wednesday November 14, Tim McGrath will be presenting a series of lectures under the title of "Understanding the Universal Business Language Library", covering the design, implementation and customization of the business information models used to create UBL 2.0 without dwelling on the technology involved.

Registrations are now open for these events and those interested should complete the enquiry form.