Trishan de Lanerolle on The Humanitarian FOSS Project [H-FOSS]

Hello Everyone,

…Together with Prof. Ralph Morelli and other faculty from Trinity College, Wesleyan University and Connecticut College, we are working on a National Science Foundation funded project called “The Humanitarian FOSS Project”, where we are  trying to get students engaged in building H-FOSS, i..e., free and open source software that benefits the community. We believe that incorporating FOSS as a software development methodology is long overdue in undergraduate computing curricula. We think that students will respond positively to learning about FOSS and to contributing their new found knowledge and skills in projects that benefit the community. We hope to grow an academic community interested in getting undergraduate computing students to build H-FOSS. The grant enables us to explore whether engaging students in the Humanitarian-FOSS enterprise will help undergraduates see that designing and building software is an exciting, creative, and (often) a socially beneficial activity.

Under your “Get Involved” section of your website you mention developing a database of case studies and looking for people to help maintain it. We would like to learn more about this project and possibly contribute to it. Presently we have a group of students developing a “Humanitarian FOSS directory” where they would attempt to collate a list of open source projects specifically designed and built for non-profit usage. There might be some synergy between our project and your online database project. We also have several projects starting up with non-profit organizations that might serve as possible case studies for your database.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts,
Trishan de Lanerolle
Project Director
Trinity- Conn College- Wesleyan CPATH Project
Computer Science, Trinity College, Hartford CT.
(860) 297 5313