Tooling Up for HIMSS10 Social Media Session

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Diigo HIMSS Medical Banking Project Group – If you have social media tools which should be mentioned at the Wednesday, March 3rd bloggers session, join this group and book mark them there. Please use these tags: mblog, medbanking, medical_banking

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Thoughts thus far: How do management bias and national policy stifle the convergence made possible by citizen journalism, consumer-directed healthcare, distributed open education, great global (smart) grid, mhealth and mpayments, results-only work environments, social media, transparency, XBRL (inline), etc. relative to the adoption of medical banking?

Unstructure is a collaboratory supported by HCL which discusses many themes tangential to my thinking. Please consider participating.

FWIW, see Procter and Gamble – Connect & Develop – Chris Thoen and Mike Hernick on open innovation

The National Science Foundation is trying it. So is SWIFT. And Blackbaud. And Innocentive.

Another thought is I AM FRAKKIN AMAZED AT HOW APATHETIC the XBRL COMMUNITY is regarding the whole healthcare sector. Is there so much fraud and corruption that they fear for their lives introducing technologies which provide true transparency like inline XBRL?

From President Obama’s talk at Google (┬áMinute 60ish

I respect what the Clintons tried to do in 1993, in moving health reform forward. But they made one really big mistake and that is they took all their people and all their experts into a room and then they closed the door and they tried to design the plan in isolation from the American people. And during that period of time, the insurance companies and the drug companies, and the HMOs they mobilized, and by the time the Clintons announced their plan, you already had these Harry and Louise ads up, (you guys don’t remember this, you weren’t born, maybe, I’m teasing. You were six.). But these ads were out there that convinced ┬áthe American people they should be afraid of healthcare reform. Now, I will do it entirely differently. Within the first 100 days of my administration, we are going to have a big table, and everybody is going to be invited; labor, employers, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, patient advocate groups, the drug and insurance companies, they’re all going to get a seat at the table, they just won’t get to buy every chair. And we will work on this process publicly. It will be on C-SPAN. It will be streaming over the net. And every time we hit a glitchwhere somebody says, “Well, no, no, no, we can’t lower drug prices because of, yeah, RND cost that drug companies need.” Well, we’ll present data and facts that make it more difficult for people to carry the water of the special interests, because it’s publi. And if they start running Harry and Louise ads, I’ll run my own ads, or I’ll send out something on YouTube, I’m the President, and I’ll be able to–I’ll let them know what the facts are. You know, one of the things that you learn when you’re travelling and running for President is the American people, at their core, are a decent poeple. There’s a generosity of spirit there and there’s common sense their, but it’s not tapped. But mainly people are–they are just misinformed or they are too busy, they’re trying to get their kids to school, they’re working, they just don’t have enough information or they’re not professionals at sorting out all the information that’s out there. So our political process gets skewed, but if you give them good information, their instincts are good and they will make good decisions. And the President has the bully pulpit to give them good information, and that’s what we have to return to as a government where the American people trust the information they’re getting. And I’m really looking foward to doing that because I am a big believer in reason, in facts, in evidence, in science, and feedback; everthing that allows you to do what you [Google] do, that’s what we should be doing in our government.

@ericschmidt Can Google help Obama out re: healthcare by integrating XBRL into Google’s finance reporting assets?

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I’ve been exploring the ideas of recommendation engines lately. It would be useful to do one at a political site that would have 2 components:
1) Recommendations for the politicians
2) Recommendations for the post author making the recommendations
This would be an excellent way to cause the folks who truly represent the mindset of the majority to bubble up to the top. Whether that would be good or bad I don’t know–but it should reflect the actual likelihood that some proposed parallel policy would be adopted democratically (barring lobbyists and special interests having inordinate say).

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This just in: This is a reminder that we will be removing all Personal Health Records from the Revolution Health site at the end of February 2010. The Personal Health Record application will no longer be available and all associated data will be deleted. So that you don’t lose the information you’ve entered into the system, we strongly suggest that you download your personal records as a PDF to print and save for future reference. To do this, simply follow these instructions: Log in to your Personal Health Record. From any page of your record, click on the “printable version” link on the top right corner of any page. When you see a pop-up box asking you to “Select the following sections to include in your print out,” simply make sure that the sections you want to print and save are checked and then click the “Submit” button. Once the PDF is created (this only takes a moment), you can print directly from it and/or save it to your computer. To print the PDF, click on the printer icon at the top left of the page. To save it, click on the disk icon to the right of the printer icon. If you encounter a problem printing or saving your records, please e-mail our customer service department at for assistance. Even after the Personal Health Record is no longer available, Revolution Health and our partner sites will continue to offer you the same great health information and community pages as always. We hope you continue to visit Revolution Health often to take advantage of our offerings. Thank you, The Revolution Health Team

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