Tim Cook on Upcoming EGADSS Concall Friday 18 January, 2008

I am cross posting this to the openhealth and OSHCA mailing lists though it originated on the AMIA OSWG list. 

There is a conference call scheduled for 0500GMT Friday 18 January, 2008 between the current holders of the EVIDENCE-BASED GUIDELINES AND DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM (EGADSS) project (http://www.egadss.org) and an interested open source EMR project that is active and long standing.  I am just a facilitator.

On short notice, I would like to know how many of the members of these mailing lists are interested in contributing (writing code/documentation/MLM’s) for a project like EGADSS?  This information
may help in the context of the conference call.   

I personally would like to see EGADSS revived.  I had to leave the project early on for personal reasons and after I left there were no other open source promoters to build a community. 

A member of the AMIA OS-WG posted the below (very legitimate) comments about EGADSS.  I will address them inline.

> EGADSS seems like a good idea but it’s hard to say how well the project is going.
> I have followed the project for the last few years and here are some things I see.
> (1) They don’t have a work demo on their site.

There was a demo running on a server in the offices but once funding stopped it was taken down.

> (2) Their website hasn’t changed in 2 years (at all).

Again, no open source advocate, no continuation of those things.

> (3) I’ve never seen a working demo

I wish you had seen it.

> (4) There has been no tracker activity for 3 years.

Yep, no advocate, no activity.  They didn’t "get" open source.

> (5) The status of the project is alpha (meaning, not really close to
> ready for prime time).

Actually I think this is a bad label applied by people that didn’t want to be bothered.  It really does work.  It should have been in at least a beat state to encourage others to use it. 

> I’ve always wanted EGADSS to succeed, but the pace is very slow.
> I can’t say I’d invest a lot of time building a CDS on an alpha
> release of a slow project.

I really hope that I can reason with the current holders of the IP (I hate that acronym but don’t have a better one) on this call and show them that this can be much more than just a government funded academic exercise.  My understanding is that it is being used in a computer science course but obviously none of that work ever gets rolled back into the project. 

It will be great to see some emails of support from this community so I will have better information for the conference call.