Thomas Erl Sends a Pointer to the Public SOA Design Patterns Review

<ed.note>Thomas writes:

Just wanted to let you know that a galley of the new soa design patterns book is being sent out to you. The design patterns are also published at as part of an public, industry-wide review. Please refer any of your colleagues to this site that may also be interested in participating.



Ed. – There is much more content at the site but I provide a snippet below:</ed.note>

From the site:

NOTE: The following content is part of an industry-wide SOA design
patterns review that is being carried out until January 31, 2008. This content is still subject to change and is scheduled to be finalized by March, 2008.

The Public SOA Design Patterns Review

This site is currently dedicated to a public review of 60 design
patterns from the upcoming book "SOA Design Patterns" by Thomas Erl.

The author is collecting feedback, opions, contributions, and
validation from professionals and practioners from around the world in
order to finalize the manuscript for a scheduled publication in March,
will subsequently remain a community resource site,
containing revised, concise descriptions of all SOA design patterns and
allowing for new design patterns to be published and reviewed on an
on-going basis.