This One’s For You, Mr. Anderson!

<ed.note>Dana points me to Howard’s article where he writes "Open source is not a movement; it’s a religion" — to which I return with the intellectually pleasing: "So! — and unbridled capitalism isn’t a religion? Isn’t there something about Mammon worship in the holy writings somewhere?" In reality, Howard is anxious because publishing is being open sourced (democratized|meritocratized|interoperantized|transparentized), too. With all the media consolidation happening at one end of the content spectrum and the paid blogging/youtube phenomena on the other — he has to defend the paradigm in which he feels the most comfortable competing. Ok, let me be serious a bit and look at his analysis: a point he doesn’t mention factoring in is that most "mainstream, commercial IT shops" are already mixed sourced shops… because of quality concerns… quality which results from collaboration and transparency. As I opined in response to Dana’s piece — The "Problem" with Open Source is, at the end of the day, it teaches the users/software consumer and institutional stock holders that the coder is more valuable than the CEO. Coincidently, it is teaching at a time, when in proprietary software the coder is being offshored and down-salaried, and the C-Suite is receiving a bonus for the "jump in productivity." And yet, on the third hand, it is at a time when C-Suites are under increased share holder pressure to tie pay to performance.</ed.note>