They say: Write What You Know


I got into the web publishing world thanks to AOL and Telalink and Mosaic and Macs. My background in intercultural religious communication and editing helped me continue the work of the Association for the Development of Religious Information Systems. At that time (pre-1997), ADRIS was endeavoring to do the work that search engines would eventually assume: provide access to the whereabouts of all those siloed religion-related databases and physical collections (think sociology). ADRIS had been using postal mail to deliver scheduled newsletters to mainly college and university libraries. I had an inkling that this world wide web thingy might be a more efficient way to go. ADRIS went html, then pdf, then extinct (the academic world had learned to publicize the existence of their data as the world began to acknowledge its value). I still keep an “” category on Conmergence Blog and try to Diigo link appropriate articles as well.

Lately I’ve been reviewing this incarnation of Conmergence Blog’s analytics:

Since 2007, visits from

50+ types of browsers
90+ models of mobile devices
170+ countries
1600+ cities
14,000+ internet service providers

In God we trust, all others… bring data.

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