The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

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The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education (TOJDE), is a peer-reviewed e-journal. International in scope, this scholarly e-journal will publish refereed articles focusing on the issues and challenges of providing theory, research/information services to students enrolled in any level of distance education on open learning applications. It will particularly strive to meet the continuing education needs of practitioners and educators by providing a forum for the discussion of extended learning strategies, policies and practices, and trends in information technology as they impact the delivery of any kind of the student support services for distance learners and faculties. Articles may be therotical, philosophical and/or quantitative analyses of distance education/open learning and teaching issues, and may take the form of case studies, research studies, or general interest reports. Sample topics: role/history of distance education, standards for such services, organization/ planning of new services, for distance learners, etc. Book reviews, conference reports, literature reviews, news items, editors’ note, announcements of conferences and publications, and letters to the editor etc. are also be wellcomed.

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