The ‘Role of Telcos in Open Innovation’ Symposium

The online symposium is a FREE and informal 24 hour global event scheduled to run from 20:00 GMT Monday 23rd Feb to 20:00 GMT Tuesday 24th Feb 2009. (Check the World Clock for GMT times in your location)

Participants can join the symposium at different times from around the world, for as long as they wish, throughout the 24 hour period.

The symposium will include:
– Online discussion forums
– Live presentations in a virtual world
– Interviews
– Podcasts
– A glossary of sites of interest and links to relevant webinars and case studies


    * To better understand the evolution of Open Innovation as it relates to telcos (see Wikipedia definition for Open Innovation)
    * To gain insights into how to successfully engage in Open Innovation and the pitfalls and roadblocks to look out for
    * To identify potential collaboration partners to engage in future dialogues and/or develop partnerships for potential open innovation
    * To look at successful case studies of Open Innovation



    * Understand how Open Innovation is being approached by other organisations
    * Gain practical ideas you can apply to your organisation
    * Learn how to optimise performance in your own organisation
    * Identify your position in the wider ecosystem


    * Identify people with similar issues to engage in further communication
    * Develop alliances with potential partners
    * Expand your network and foster existing ties
    * Form collaborative groups around areas of interest


    * To case studies, discussions, presentations and talks, websites of interest, other global forums, conferences, and research in the area of Open Innovation.


Gerd Leonhard – Switzerland
Media Futurist and Author
CEO at
Deborah Lawler-Dormer – New Zealand
Executive Director at Moving Image Centre Toi Rerehiko and Director of Co-Lab
Brian Landers – US
Sr. Manager, Design at Sprint Nextel Corp.
Philip Sugai – Japan
Dean, Professor of Marketing & Director of the Mobile Consumer Lab, International University of Japan materials on 'Enabling and Open Development'
Jörg Heuer – Germany
Leader Enabling Technologies & Exploration, Innovation Development, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Alan Quayle – US
Owner, Alan Quayle Business & Service Development
Dr Mary Ellen Gordon – New Zealand
Managing Director, Market Truths Limited
Michael Davies – US / UK
Chairman, Founding Partner, Endeavour Partners
Senior Lecturer, MIT USA and Sloan School of Management, UK

And many more to come …


If you would like to be a featured contributor or have questions, please contact John Eyles the Symposium Organiser.