Tennessee Gubenatorial Debate Tonight [ was Speaking of Interactive Data… ]

<ed.note><update>Kai Ryssdalof of Marketplace interviewed Austan Goolsbee, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Goolsbee told Ryssdal that Larry Kotlikoff, of Boston University, one of our leading budget experts, recently told him that "by the standards of business, the U.S. is actually bankrupt. The promises we’re on the hook for will cost $70 trillion more than the revenue we’re going to bring in. He figures to pay it off would take something like an 80 percent hike in all income taxes." I guess that explains why no politician wants to apply the tools of open book management to government.</update>

Speaking of Interactive Data, the one question I can GUARANTEE WILL NOT BE ASKED of Bredesen or Bryson this weekend ( see debate schedule at lwvtn.org ) will be whether each would commit Tennessee to producing a web-based number crunchable budget ( xbrl ) referring to a NGA.org sponsored "State’s Universal Chart of Accounts" which will allow apples to apples comparison.

Need I say it? Vote Technotarian!</ed.note>