Stop Your Whining — America Wants Athletes Not Engineers [ Update ]

<ed.note>Update: Same Song, Third Verse. U. S. Technology Czar Says More IT Workers Needed Same Song, Second Verse – Immigrants Have Founded 1 in 4 Public Venture-Backed Companies in the U.S. Since 1990. Meritocracy is good but oftimes in the status quo it is the executives and not the technologists who are compensated. … Roy Mark did an excellent story on an old hack which is about to drive me nuts ( I know, short journey ;-). It’s the constant PC drone from the folks "out there" who keep complaining that US Technology Competitiveness Prowess is diminishing. Note that puts the top of the compensation range for an aerospace engineer, for example, at $75 k. When the American culture establishes a National Engineering League with a system of regional competitions and a playoff upon which fans can gamble and Las Vegas can establish a line, then we’ll be competitive. Until we start providing scholarships to University debate teams and build data server stadiums for the Collegiate engineering teams and compensate engineers with multimillion dollar multiyear contracts would everybody quit whining. We get what we incent — we want athletes.</ed.note>