Speakers needed for the 5th Annual Innovation Conference!

March 12th, 2009 — Franklin Marriott, Cool Springs

The Innovation Conference is an educational event that focuses on the
latest & greatest technological advances and future technologies
that will be available within 1-3 years to adopters. Over 250 attendees
visit the conference each year with at least a dozen sponsor companies
supporting the event.

Submit your ideas to kbittorie@technologycouncil.com by sending the name of the proposed speaker and a 3-4 sentence
abstract, including a speech title, on what he / she would present.

Submissions are due by December 12th. Please be aware that any speeches including sales pitches will not be considered.

<ed.note>Personally, I’d like to hear some presentations on the use of the globally distributed, digital enterprise as the backbone of business based anywhere, along with how the parallels of results-only work environments and semantically-enriched collaboratories (1, 2) might help enable them. I’ll be following along on @nashtechcouncil.</ed.note>