SocialCalc on Sugar

We are delighted to announce the release of the version #5 of SocialCalc activity on Sugar. We have introduced a number of features in SocialCalc on Sugar since the last community release –

1. Localization in Spanish, Afrikaans, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese (simplified), French, German and Portuguese.
2. Ability to read and edit single sheet Excel .xls files.
3. Sharing of activity over the mesh network.
4. Ability to read and edit single sheet Lotus notes.
5. Optimization of the save files. The sheet extents will include just the part that has data. This feature also “canonicalizes” the saved data in other ways, such as removing no longer used formats and color definitions from the save file.
6. Localization made easy, especially of text in the user interface. All of the text that is normally seen during operation is now easily localizable by changing a single file, socialcalcconstants.js.

Please visit –

1. SocialCalc on Sugar –

2. SocialCalc on Sugar wiki page –

3. Download pages – the version #5 along with its source code can be downloaded from or from

4. For Educators

Video on using Charting Tools –
Guide for using Charting Tools –

We look forward to hearing your feedback and experience with SocialCalc on Sugar. We started a group about SocialCalc on Sugar for educators, content engineers, developers, translators, curriculum developers, testers and graphic designers on ScalableC ( to share ideas, collaborate and engineer curriculum materials and develop case-studies on using SocialCalc on Sugar at schools. Please join the group if you are a member at ScalableC. If you are not a member, please ask for an invitation at with the message “interested in joining SocialCalc on Sugar group”.

Please visit the developers’ guide documented for each feature –

a. Collaboration of SocialCalc in Sugar –
b. Localization Infrastructure –
c. Interoperability between SocialCalc on Sugar and Excel (.xls format only) –
d. Interoperability between SocialCalc on Sugar and Lotus Notes –
e. Manual for Programmers –

Opportunity for Developers and Content Creators –

We are looking for developers and content creators, who are interested in participating with us in a number of initiatives –

1. Develop teacher training videos for SocialCalc on Sugar in their local languages;

2. Develop interoperability between SocialCalc on Sugar and Excel (from MS Office 2007 – xlsx format), Apple iwork Numbers, Google Spreadsheet, Gnumeric, Open Spreadsheet format and KSpread;

3. Engineer features to modify the charts (like colors, fonts, scale etc.);

4. Integration of SocialCalc with Paint, Write, Arithmetic, Physics, Turtle Art and E-Toys and other Sugar activities;

5. Development of 2-D and 3-D area charts and surface charts;

6. Creation of shapes like rectangles, block arrows, equation shapes;

7. Creation of templates that could be used as teacher tools (example – income task problem sums);

8. Localization of SocialCalc on Sugar.

If you are interested, please write to us at

Best Regards,

SocialCalc on Sugar Team