Sarah Knoop Provides an Open Healthcare Framework Update

I think we also owe this list [Open Healthcare Framework Mailing list] a summary too – though IHE-related activity has been quite active on the newsgroup – so check that out too.

Over the fall of 2007, we updated the OHF code for the edits and a few new IHE profiles implementations for 2008. We now have a brach for the code for the 2007 and prior version of the IHE profiles. This branch will see no more new features, only bug fixes. Documentation can be found on the wiki at:

The main branch now features code compilant with the 2008 IHE profiles. Most notable new additions are that of XDS.b and XUA support. The XDS.b profile is a more pure web-service method for sharing clinical documents. The original XDS functionality is still supported (at both the plugin and bridge) and is now referred to as XDS.a. XUA is a profile for the management of user assertions (ie. SAML or WS-TRUST).  API for this profile is available at the plugin and bridge level. Updates regarding the main branch can be found at:

In January 2008, OHF was well represented at the North Americal IHE Connectathon in Chicago, IL, USA. For the first time ever, the OHF Bridge was allowed to test as an individual component and passed with flying colors. OHF technology was used by 8 companies and we additionally congratulate them on their success at this event – with some systems surpassing 100 valid interoperabiltiy tests. For more information about OHf and the IHE connectathon see our wiki:

We are now at the European Union Connectathon in Oxford, UK in support of several European companies using OHF technology for their IHE interfaces. After this event we will be resolving any open Connectathon related issues and creating another CVS tag and a new post-Connectathon build – something for our community to look forward to.

Sarah Knoop

Healthcare Systems Research Manager
IBM Almaden Research Center
650 Harry Rd.
San Jose, CA 95120-6099
phone: (408) 927-2622  (tie 457-2622)