Results-Only Work Environments vs. Off shoring Paradigms in Tension

<ed.note>I got a tip that Tech Ed is opening a post on to give the KOS audience concrete examples of off shoring. It will open tomorrow at 12:30 Central. If you'd care to participate tomorrow you must create an account today

The paradigms in tension here can be represented by Donna Conroy at, who is a strong proponent that local US talent should be considered for technology employment before H1b visa holders and the Results Only movement represented by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson of who are strong proponents that only the metric which matters is the work product end result.

I have heard it suggested that the same arguments made to justify/promote ROWE in the technology sector also build the case for off shoring (although to make a point: the folks in off shore scenarios are actually often required, either by management or the state of infrastructure, to commute in to "centers" so they aren't actually ROWEing). What is of interest to me is the concept of work being done anywhere (as long as it is sensible to complete it from there).

I'd like to hear some rational arguments on this tension so I hope you'll consider posting at the KOS (or here).