Research Information Exchange Markup Language is a consortium of buy-side firms, sell-side firms and vendors that have joined together to define an open standard for categorizing, tagging and distributing global investment research.

The RIXML standard provides extensive capabilities to tag any piece of research content, in any form or media with enough detail for end users to be able to quickly search, sort and filter aggregated research. RIXML utilizes XML (Extensible Markup Language), the global standard for data sharing between internet applications.

The Goal is creating a standard based on industry needs. RIXML is not a distribution service or application vendor, instead, we are creating an open specification that can be freely used by application vendors, research providers and their clients.

Examples of How RIXML Can Be Used
The files provided here show specific examples of how RIXML can be used to publish research documents. Each sample is comprised of an XML instance document, tagged according to the RIXML specification, and an explanation of the process the publisher used to create that XML. You may download each example individually, or all of the examples in one compressed ZIP file.