Repentance, Prayer and Stimulus Packages

<ed.note>Listening to President Obama’s Stimulus Package speech recently it struck me how fickle as citizens we are. It is so difficult for politicians to be leaders if we are not willing to be led. I’ve often said that we have a crisis of leadership brought on by the crisis of followership. One of the toughest jobs for a leader is to point out the need for repentance. Obama broached the subject that we, as consumers — not just the bank leadership,  have acted imprudently and for that I’m grateful. It brought to mind the time of Solomon’s Prayer of the Dedication for the Temple of Yahweh. In a nutshell, he acknowledged that the people would walk willingly into sin and begged God that when they had turned back to Him that He would hear their prayers. The people of Israel had pretty much the same challenges* as we do today. I’d urge us to learn from their experience and pray for our leaders and for each other — as well as those in other nations.</ed.note>

*A summary list (of the Second Chronicles account) I found on a site I googled by a Paul J. Bucknell:

1) Sin against a neighbor (6:22-23)
2) Defeated before an enemy because of sin (6:24-25)
3) No rain because of sin (6:26-27)
4) Famine, pestilence, blight, mildew, locust, grasshopper, enemies, whatever plague or sickness (6:28-31)
5) For God-fearing foreigner who pray (6:32-33)
6) Wage war against enemy (6:34-35)
7) When they sin and taken captive (6:36-39)