RE: Peter Van Auwera’s “Brand, Workforce and Innovation”

<ed.note>My self-important pontifical response follows:</ed.note>

The difficulty here is that it needs to be an authentic, accountable and ethical “one voice”. If what Edwin Black asserts is true re: IBM ( then it is possible to progressively innovate in the wrong direction with that “one voice” and we must realize that there is no freer market corrective if the base of stockholders is collectively immoral. Policies such as greenwashing, nonbinding say on pay positions, H1B visa abuse, etc. allow for highly efficient and effective evil to persist/evolve. I think if we make one of the properties of “eminent workforce” the directive to love one’s neighbor as one’s self, this is a good step in the direction of hope, compassion and excellence (assuming, of course, that one loves one’s self and that all humankind are perceived as neighbors).