Proposal for an Open Software Collaboratory of Common Platform Components For Personal Health Applications

<ed.note>I’m a little late on the ball but Ignatio Valdes posted this at the AMIA OS-WG listserv a while back. Have a look at the proposal.</ed.note>

Hello, I am contacting you on behalf of Project HealthDesign and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) because of your interest in personal health applications and open-source software. This message is to solicit your input on a potential new direction for Project HealthDesign intended to accelerate the development of personal health applications and enhance interoperability among such applications.

Specifically, the project is proposing to release certain software under an open-source license and is exploring the feasibility of establishing an "open software collaboratory" to manage these resources.

As part of Project HealthDesign, Sujansky & Associates has helped to develop a set of software components that provide data storage, interoperability, and security services for personal health record systems. These components can be used by a single personal health record project to reduce software-development time, or shared by multiple projects to enhance interoperability and improve secure data sharing. The components have been implemented within a service-oriented architecture, using WSDL for interface specifications, SOAP for messaging, and security based on WS-* standards.

Eight of the current Project HealthDesign grantees are presently using the components for their projects, and Project HealthDesign would like to make the components available to other projects under an open-source license. Further, the program is exploring whether the components could form the foundation of an open-source "software collaboratory" to design, develop, and share software resources and interoperability standards for personal health record systems.

Please review the attached document, which describes the existing software components, how they differ from other PHR platforms currently available, and the next steps towards the envisioned software collaboratory. Links for accessing additional technical information about the components and for providing your feedback are included in the attached document. Please submit your feedback via these links so that we may record your input.

If you wish to provide feedback or ask questions even prior to reviewing the attached document, please use the form at

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