Proceedings: Ontolog Panel Discussion – Semantic Interoperability in Health Informatics: Lessons Learned

Peter Yim writes:

We had, on Thursday 10-January-2008, another one of our best attended panel sessions.

Mr. Marc Wine (co-chair), Mr. Rex Brooks (co-chair), Dr. Michael Cummens and Professor Saul Rosenberg were on the panel to join the community in a discussion around the topic "Semantic Interoperability in Health Informatics, Lessons Learned." Sharing their insights and experience, the panelists called upon the government, industry and the ontology community to collaborate toward better healthcare through better health informatics through improved semantic interoperability.

Thank you very much, Marc and Rex, for organizing the session, and to Mike and Saul as well for sharing your insights with the rest of the community. The wonderful turnout today (and more importantly, who it was that came) really, as Rex put it, "underscored the extent to which the topic resonates and reflected the fact that [the session was] addressing a very key concern that the industry is facing and is looking for guidance and solution. Appreciations, as always, go to those who joined us at the event in real time; and for their contributions to the rich discussion we had during the last segment of the session.

Proceedings of the session are captured on our wiki page, at:

In particular, full audio recording of the session (as well as the podcast of it) is now on our archives and is available – see:

Thank you again, Mr. Wine, Mr. Brooks, Dr. Cummens and Professor Rosenberg!

Best regards. =ppy

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Tx. =ppy