Plone Conference 2006 Sessions Announced: Strong Focus on Nonprofits

One of the cool things that happens when a nonprofit technology assistance provider organizes a major open-source software conference is that the conference sessions tend to become extremely relevant to nonprofits. That’s why I’m really pleased to announce the full slate of Plone Conference 2006 sessions to the world this week!

Online registration is $250 — a $50 discount (Early Bird pricing ends this Friday, August 25th!)

We’ve got a ton of sessions by and for nonprofits — because Plone is one of the most powerful, user-friendly website management platforms out there, and nonprofits of all sizes are flocking to it.

Some of the highlights for nonprofits include:

*    What Makes Plone Different And Better
*    Graduating from Spaghetti to Sushi: Plone for PHPers
*    Why Plone?  Confessions of an NGO
*    Plone in 100 Hours or Less
*    Open Sourcing Activism: The Open Planning Project and Plone
*    Own your Plone: Creating Plone Visual Themes
*    Creating and Managing Multilingual Websites with LinguaPlone
*    Plinkit: A Case Study on Deploying Plone for Public Libraries
*    Using Plone for Environmental Information Sharing and Collaboration
*    Viva le Plogs (Plone blogs)
*    Plone at the UN
*    Plone and Accessibility
*    Case study panel: Plone and education
*    Case study panel: Plone and nonprofits
*    Case study panel: Plone and scientific organizations

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