Peter Yim et al, Purple MediaWiki Extension Beta


What can this extension do?

With 2,073,813 articles in English and growing, Wikipedia is the
world’s largest collaboratively edited source of encyclopedic
knowledge. As more and more people adding content and using it as
reference for their research, it becomes important to know what data
resides where on the wiki. Users generally do this by book marking page
for future reference. Book marking option in web browser let you
bookmark the URL, which is generally the whole page. With the amount of
content on any given page, it might still take a while to find the
content user is looking for. Purple Numbers Extension allows users to
add Purple Numbers to MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki.

Purple Numbers will provide the following added functionality in MediaWiki

  • High resolution addressability in a wiki page

The purpose of Purple Numbers is simple: to produce HTML documents
that can be addressed with high resolution (also called "fine
granularity"). It does this by automatically creating name anchors with
static (nid’s) and hierarchical (hid’s) addresses at the beginning of
each node, and by displaying these addresses as links at the end of
each node. With Purple Numbers in place, all one needs to do is to
mouse-over a Purple number, right-mouse-click and COPY that hyperlink.
One can then PASTE this hyperlink to an e-mail message, to your instant
message, or to a document s/he is composing. That link will now take
its reader back to exactly the same paragraph the author wanted to
refer his/her reader(s) to.