Personal Health Record (PHR) Survey

The goal of this survey is to inform and update the standards-development community of the current needs, desires, and trends surrounding the electronic Personal Health Record (PHR) – and its superset, Personal Health Information (which includes natural extensions to PHR’s such as Personal Health Devices). Two international standards-development organizations (International Organization for Standardization – ISO and Health Level Seven – HL7) are collaborating on this survey in hopes of accommodating various business models, policies, and approaches – and fostering an environment that promotes interoperability and innovation worldwide. The survey should take between fifteen and thirty minutes to complete – depending on the amount of supplemental, clarifying information you provide in the “Other, Please Specify” fields. The survey does not have the ability to save work-in-progress for completion at a later time (sorry). Therefore, since some of the questions call for textual input – and since some of that text might already be available in your documents, perhaps it might be good to quickly skim the entire survey before entering your first response. And, of course, those who complete the survey will receive the tabulated results via email. – Thanks so much for your help! Your ISO-HL7 PHR Survey team.

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