People First of TN & TN Microboards Association Microconference

<ed.note>Lorre Leon Mendelson wrote recently: "I am so glad you asked what microboards are!! Microboards began in Canada and were started in Tennessee by our Executive Director, Ruthie Beckwith, Ph.D. in 2000. A microboard is formed around an individual with a disability allowing the person to direct their own services with the support of family and allies on their board of directors. I am enclosing a recent article written about us by the Amputee Coalition of America and the website address for the TMA. …Please feel free to contact Ruthie Beckwith at 615/812-4171 for more information."</ed.note>



WHO: People with disabilities, family members and friends, allies and interested others in microboards and self-determination

WHEN: Friday-Sunday March 16, 17, 18, 2007

WHERE: Holiday Inn, Murfreesboro, TN

WHAT: Conference for people interested in self-determination, microboards, home ownership, fundraising, College of Direct Supports, community activities and more!

HOW: To register and learn more about the conference, contact Leanne Boyce, (615) 898-0075 or

Contacts: Leanne Boyce, Director of People First of TN at (615) 898-0075 or
Dr. Ruthie Beckwith, Executive Director of the TN Microboards Association at 615/812-4171 or