Outsourcing the C-Suite [ Tweaked and reposted — was: Ralph Szygenda believes that the high-tech industry can learn from the auto industry ]

<ed.note>The services and support industry no longer requires an overpaid, iddatarate management strata — since it can easily be replaced by a webbed database, wiki or now, finally, outsourced. Shareholders, especially with the rise of "activists" coupled with the blogosphere, will get wise “that globalization hasn’t gone far enough.” This is because there is no sphere in business to which Szygenda’s "standards" do not apply and those standards lead to automation and outsourcing and real-time accountability ( interoperancy ) on a cost per unit basis. Adoption of service oriented architecture, the rise of financial services straight thru processing, and the push for transparent open book management is set to ignite a very interesting class war. Though the new money provided by increased productivity ( read: IT employees, whose data aggregation and process re-engineering produced the value ) produced has gone straight to "C" bonuses, rather than employees or stockholders, "C’s" still feel a need to pull stuff like this and this.</ed.note>

GM May Shop for IT Needs in Red Herring’s TechSpin

… and standardize the way it does much of its business, particularly the routine parts of its business. They can still maintain unique differentiators, but for most of what they do, he believes, they should standardize. And that would help companies like GM that have far-flung enterprises but still put a premium on consistency. Today, IBM Global Services takes computer inventory differently than EDS. It also orders new equipment in different ways. They troubleshoot systems and network problems differently; and they handle human resources in different ways. “In the auto industry, when you buy parts and materials from suppliers, it’s done pretty much the same way with all suppliers,” Mr. Szygenda said to the Dallas Morning News {Steering Changes at EDS – GM’s Clout May Prompt Tech Firm and Peers to Standardize Functions By Crayton Harrison}. “Where’s the model to just manage IT in corporations?”