Our People Are Our Greatest Asset – If Only We Could Trust Them

Updates: Senators Push for More Telecommuting, Telework Exchange Study Reveals Majority of Federal Telework Coordinators Spend 25 Percent or Less of Their Time on Telework, World Needs 4 Million Healthcare Workers, American Telemedicine Association in Nashville, May 13-15, 2007

PR via http://www.govtech.net/

"Forty-four percent of federal employee respondents to the survey, conducted by CDW Government Inc., indicate that they have the option to telework — up 6 percent from 2006 — while just 15 percent of private-sector employee respondents have that option. During the past year, telework growth in the federal government also outpaced the private sector: 35 percent of federal teleworkers started teleworking, compared to 10 percent of private-sector teleworkers."

Please see also "New Technology, Old Habits", by Moon Ihlwan and Kenji Hall, BusinessWeek – "Despite world-class IT networks, Japanese and Korean workers are still chained to their desks"

<ed.note>In addition to greater telework ( isn’t it time to adopt "Work Over IP" or some such – does anyone really still use dial up? ) adoption, one of the areas I’ve anticipated from the "hr-xml-ish" world has been the idea of objective competency measurement, especially of the type that could be integrated into professional services human resource management tools. Tom Schmidt of Resumefit suggested that by completing the Workplace Big Five ProFile ( assessment at no cost, and review the results ) that this process can accurately measure 54 competencies. They also provide a digital signature to benefit HR which guarantees that the resume hasn’t been tinkered with afterward.</ed.note>