OpenVista Health Information Technology (HIT) group launched

Albert Gnandt, Senior Software Engineer at Medsphere Systems Corporation, announces:

I'd like to take the chance to announce a new group for professionals
that promote OpenVista and VistA-based systems to build a network that
connects people, opportunities and ideas. OpenVista is a complete
electronic medical record (EMR) based on an open source business model
and is freely available under the AGPL (Affero General Public License).
VistA (Veterans Health Information System and Technology Architecture)
has been developed for around four decades and is in use across 1,200
nation-wide hospitals and health care facilities within the US
Department of Veteran Affairs. As an enhanced port of the sucessful
VistA, OpenVista relies on the newest cross-platform technology and is
available for Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOSX. The OpenVista community is
backed up by a commercial vendor for enterprise solutions. Commercial
solutions of OpenVista have been successfully deployed nation-wide at
different non-VA hospitals. One of Medsphere's customers, Midland
Memorial Hospital, was able to reach the second highest level of US EMR
adaption (Stage 6) with competitive low resources, costs per bed and
time. If you are a manager, clinician, engineer or researcher trying to
find a better way to deal with health care IT, then this group is for