Welcome to OpenPlans a free wiki-based community organizing and project
management tool. OpenPlans, a site dedicated to helping communities organize
virtually to effect real world change, is currently running a beta testing
version of the software here.  The
site will continue to evolve as we roll out bug fixes, new features, and
enhanced functionality.

OpenPlans is wiki-based. This means that most pages are editable by members
of the site. Membership is free and it takes just seconds to register. Once you
log in, you may start your own project or contribute to an existing one. We hope
you use OpenPlans to share information, coordinate tasks, and build momentum
around your project.

OpenPlans is the work of The Open Planning Project (TOPP), a New York
City-based non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing citizen and public
interest group participation in community planning processes through technology.
TOPP imagines OpenPlans as a free, hosted, and shared suite of community
organizing tools, and we look forward to providing you with an ever-increasing
toolkit for getting things done.

We will soon be adding a user’s guide. In the meantime, logged in users can
visit our Sandbox project to experiment with using the system.  Once in the
sandbox, click the “edit” tab to change the text and layout of the page. 
You can link to existing pages in the project by enclosing the page title in
double parenthesis.  You can also create new pages this way; if you enclose
text that does not match an existing page title in double parenthesis, this text
will become an “add link”, which will create the new page when followed.

Let us know what you think using our contact form; we love and need your
feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Thank you, The Open Planning Project