Open Standards Forum: Enabling Transformational Government Through Web Services and SOA, 29-30 October 2007, Ditton Manor, Slough, UK

Programme Theme: "Enabling Transformational Government Through Web Services and SOA"

At the core of many practical implementations that aim to deliver on the vision of "transformational government" are open standards and interoperability specifications. Open standards for information exchange allow government agencies to integrate systems provided by different vendors, built over many years, based on evolving technologies, architectural concepts, business processes and requirements. Standards also permit governments to connect more easily to their citizens, to businesses, as well as internationally to other governments.

Delegates responsible for helping define and execute integration projects in the public sector in the UK, Europe, and around the world are invited to join us this fall in London. By participating in this two-day event, you’ll gain an understanding of the core structure, concepts and relations in the jungle of WS-* specifications and how to separate mature from immature specifications and standards-based approaches from proprietary vendor specifications.