Open Source Health Care Alliance Conference 2007 – May 8-11 2007, Kuala Lumpur

OSHCA Open Source Health Care Alliance (OSHCA) had successfully provided a forum for individuals interested in applying open source strategy and principles to Health Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). While OSHCA’s roots are in North America and Europe its vision is the realization that “Free/Open Source Health Care Software will provide a viable and sustainable alternative in mainstream ICT worldwide. OSHCA believes that the greatest potential for positive impact on health outcomes and the greatest need lies in the developing world.

This 4-day conference will therefore provide the meeting place for the members to define OSHCA’s road map to move the FOSS Agenda for Health, including conceptualizing and defining OSHCA’s role in managing FOSS collaboration. The conference will also provide an opportunity to share and provide updates on FOSS applications and technologies used in health care . During the conference, issues related to FOSS, open standards, interoperability and data exchange will also be discussed on. The conference will also have training sessions for new Asian programmers to learn FOSS concepts and health data interoperability, besides providing the opportunity to strengthen OSHCA’s membership.

The benefits and outcome of this conference will be:

  • Opportunity for establishing collaboration in the FOSS community in the deployment of FOSS health care applications in the developing countries.
  • Opportunity for OSHCA to co-ordinate the interconnectivity among these systems with the goal of making them interoperable with the ability to exchange data as a specific response to the MDGs.
  • Participants will be more knowledgeable of FOSS health care applications and technologies used in Health IT especially towards the use of open standards towards data sharing.
  • Establish a community network of developing countries to participate in a global collaboration effort for the development and improvement of open source health care applications.
  • Initiate & facilitate education, training and technology transfer on concepts and approaches to open standards implementation for health ICT’s to establish interoperability between open source health ICTs and existing health ICT infrastructure R&D to test interoperability, interchange of data and standards.
  • Training new developers in applying FOSS concepts , health care applications and health data interoperability.
  • Strengthening OSHCA membership and developing the strategic goals of OSHCA in readiness for realizing OSHCA’s role in managing FOSS collaborative services.

Target Audience
This conference targets interested open source Health ICT adopters and potential adopters, from developers to end-users, including senior management both from public and private sectors.