Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference

Featuring: GlobusWorld, Grid Engine Workshop, Rocks Cluster Workshop

For Users, Administrators, and Developers of Open Source Grid and Cluster Software

May 2008 in the USA

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As grid and cluster technologies transition to mainstream use, users — wary of high administration costs, expensive software, and proprietary lock-in for what are frequently mission critical functions — increasingly demand open source solutions.

At the 2008 Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference, current and potential users, administrators, and developers of open source grid and cluster software can:

    * Learn the latest best practices for using, managing and building grids and clusters using the world’s most popular open source grid and cluster software, including Globus, Grid Engine, Rocks, Ganglia, Cluster Express, and many other open source components.

    * Hear the experiences of real users applying this open source software in a wide range of commercial, research, educational, and biomedical environments.

    * Meet the developers responsible for this open source grid and cluster software.

    * Interact with others facing and addressing challenges similar to your own.

The program will include tracks dedicated to Globus (GlobusWorld), Grid Engine (Grid Engine Workshop), and Rocks (Rocks-A-Palooza). Other sessions will cover related open source grid and cluster software, and present cross-cutting material focused on end-user applications and grid and cluster operations. With a combination of in-depth tutorials, user experiences, technical architecture reviews, discussions of future directions, and much more, there will be something for everyone at this unique event.

The Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference will be held in May 2008 in the USA.

Email to be notified of details as they are finalized.
Organizing Committee

Fritz Ferstl (Grid Engine)
Ian Foster (Globus)
Carl Kesselman (Globus)
Phil Papadopoulos (Rocks)
Steve Tuecke (Cluster Express)