Open Grid Forum Pharmas and Grids Workshop: User Feedback Opportunity

Clusters and grids have sometimes proven difficult to adopt and manage. Here is an opportunity to provide some feedback that will matter!

At the Open Grid Forum’s upcoming conference, Global Grid Forum 18 in Washington, D.C., on September 13, at 1:30 PM, end-users will be able to identify key problems they face in using and adopting grids.

This initiative from the Open Grid Forum (recently formed by the merger of Global Grid Forum and the Enterprise Grid Alliance) hopes to facilitate the commercialization of grids. The workshop will focus on standards issues, interoperability, scalability, using traditional pharma applications on grids, and APIs.

The workshop will not feature a series of speeches. Rather, it will serve as a roundtable for users to identify issues they face in adopting or using grids, particularly problems that may be delaying wider use of grids in pharmas.

The 90-minute workshop will be held at 1:30 PM on Wednesday, September 13, at the Washington Convention Center. We plan to waive the daily registration fee for the conference for all pharmas that participate in the workshop. Participants will need to confirm their attendance prior to the workshop.

Following the workshop, there will be a "rollup" session to identify the issues raised by end users in both the pharma workshop and an EDA/Semiconductor workshop held the same day. A Standards Summit the next day will bring together workshop participants, vendors, and OGF technical experts to identify priorities for action.

For further information, please contact Robert Cohen, area director, industrial applications, OGF, at