Online Technology for Social Change: From Struggle to Strategy

By conducting surveys and interviews over a nine-month period, the dotOrganize team has charted the state of online technology in the social change sector.

This report compiles insights from more than 400 social change groups, technology providers, and nonprofit technology capacity builders, examining the needs of organizers working to utilize new technologies, and offering recommendations for how to meet those needs more effectively.

While organizers have begun to harness some of the Web’s amazing power over the past five years, our research shows that they are still struggling in their effort to make use of new and emerging technologies.

They’re excited about the possibilities, but are unable to take advantage of them. Regardless of size and financial situation, they feel strapped for time, money, and know-how. They feel that their software lacks the features they need, that they lack the training and support to use the software, and they’re frustrated by the lack of integration between tools.

As a sector, we can make this situation better.

This report investigates ways to respond to these obstacles with enduring, community-driven solutions.