One Big Database In the Sky

<ed.note>Jay Deragon provided a pointer to the Plaxo acquisition by Comcast. Here’s the comment I provided (with a little editing):

I’ve often thought that the United Way ought to have approached Plaxo to offer a private branded version of Plaxo to the US’ 1.5 million nonprofits who all pay some mailing house or the USPS to de-dup all those newsletter street address corrections. How much more efficient (less redundant) and how much less wasteful of NPO/NGO funds to let the community update their own data once and for all. They (United Way) also could have launched an "open" version — except that NGO|NPOs are all so paranoid about intrusion into their donor bases. What they haven’t figured out is that once the public figures out there is such a high degree of redundancy in the NGO|NPO world, the sector is going to undergo the consolidation every other sector is facing — especially now that they can pretty much be reduced to bank accounts and workers on the street who could be enabled by "one big database in the sky" collaborative tools.</ed.note>