NPOs Wearing SOX [ was: SUN Shine ]

<ed.note>I found this article about Sarbanes-Oxley’s application to NPOs via one of Deborah Elizabeth Finn’s Forums. That’s right, folks, I told you the pressure for the application of these kind of disclosure regulation to NPOs [ in this case, their agent ] was likely coming. [1][2] Ironically, businesses in the for-profit sector are pushing back on these regs. If only there was a technology which could be utilized for basic disclosure challenges — say, xbrl — or as it is known by its nifty marketing name – "interactive data".</ed.note>

<ed.note>Is it me or isn’t it slightly weird that the comments are turned off on Jonathan Schwartz’s post about openness and transparency? I noticed because I wanted to mention the fact that nonprofits need the same kind of transparency mechanism. Good to see Hardin getting some light directed his way, though! [Update: Ok, apparently I jumped the gun and I was impatient while my comment was being moderated.]</ed.note>