Nonprofit Open Source Initiative’s Michelle Murrain on this weekend’s Penguin Day in Austin, TX

For those of you in the vicinity of Austin, TX, come on down to Penguin Day, THIS Saturday, April 28th! More info here:
There will be a great slate of breakouts, and there will be the usual Penguin Day antics. It will be fun, for sure. Hope to see you there!
Here’s the agenda in shorthand:
Introduction to Free and Open Source Software
    Facilitated by Allen Gunn, Aspiration   
Introduction to Free and Open Source Desktop Applications
    Facilitated by Matt Buck   
Introduction to Linux – still your server – ready for your desktop?
    Facilitated by Michelle Murrain, NOSI   
All site and no action?
    Facilitator: Gordon Montgomery   
Building Online Community with Open Source Tools
    Facilitator: Chip Rosenthal
SpeedGeek Extravaganza, as usual!
Helping Techies and Non-Techies Communicate and Cooperate
    Facilitated by Rich Vázquez
Creative Commons And Open Content
    Facilitated by Jon Lebkowsky
Business Models for FOSS developers and providers
    Facilitated by Tom Brown
So, you want to open source your code?
    Facilitated by Michelle Murrain, NOSI
Accessibility and Open Source – Fire Vox
   Facilitated by Charles L. Chen, CLC World