NGN/IMS Plugfest 9 Launch and New Technical Working Groups in 2010

Dear NGN Forum (IMS Forum, ISC, IPCC, VoIP Forums, IP Multimedia Forums) members and colleagues,

The NGN and IMS Forums’ Plugfests are the industry’s premier interoperability events covering NGN services over wireless 3G, 4G, LTE, WiMAX, wireline xDSL, cable, fiber optics broadband and IMS architectures.

We are pleased to announce that the Diameter and Control plane TWG and interoperability group successfully completed their initial guideline documents and testing/IOT activities at Plugfest 8 in October, 2009. The forum technical and business group is now progressing to the next stage of releasing all the test documentation and planning for the next Plugfest event. Our next IMS Plugfest™ and NGN Plugfest™ interoperability test event, Plugfest 9, will take place in the first week of June, 2010 at the InterOperability Lab (UNH IOL) in Durham, NH.

The NGN Forum & IMS Forum themes for this Plugfest are NGN Network and IMS Rich Applications deployment. Topics under consideration will include:

  • IMS core, CSCF, AS, HSS, Policy
  • Inter and intra network testing areas of key interest including, billing services interdomain scenarios, roaming users, visited networks scenarios, applications
  • presence, voice, video, user agents
  • SDP / Rich Communications Services (RCS) / Voice Features and IMS Applications
  • VoIP / SIP / QoS
  • Security and Reliability
  • Billing – off-line charging and on-line charging
  • Control Plane and Diameter
  • Voice over LTE/4G
  • IP Video (IPTV)
  • Wireless and Smart Grids
  • Messaging, IP traffic, presence, IM and termination, integration
  • Implementation of Convergence: integrating legacy to NGN
  • Transition 3G to 4G LTE and WiMAX
  • Metrics for standard sets of SIP call flows in IMS and NGN
  • IPv6, and
  • others

We will define network topologies based on the participants’ requirements for these tests. We are also excited about the soon to be released IP BSS/OSS and security architecture guidelines to be released in January 2010.

Planning is well underway at the NGN Forum technical working groups (TWG), which have been holding regular joint sessions for the planning of Plugfest 9.

The latest addition under review to the technical working groups plan for 2010 is going to be in the areas of EPC ( including Packet Core, AAA, Policy, DPI etc.),  VoIP/LTE, Service Delivery Platform (SDP), IP Video/IPTv, IMS BSS, NGN Security and 4G Technical and Business Marketing Working Groups. The groups launch will be announced in early 2010.   Companies interested in TWG participation and demo / interoperability PF9 testing should contact

Starting in 2010, the working groups are meeting every other week to define TWG objectives and Plugfest/IOT planning.

The NGN Forum and IMS Forum are the only industry associations dedicated to interoperability and certification of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Next Generation (NGN) applications and services for fixed, mobile and cable networks. Participation in NGN IMS Plugfests and Technical working Groups is open to all companies. We look forward to your participation in our 2010 Working Groups and in Plugfests. For more information please contact or visit,